T’Challa Adorns An LA Billboard As Black Panther Creeps Closer To Release


Six weeks out from release, and there’s a real groundswell of support for Black Panther.

The excitement is palpable – infectious, even – as Marvel prepares to launch its first MCU feature based on a black superhero. His name? T’Challa, the would-be king of Wakanda who must overcome personal rivalries (read: Erik Killmonger) and inner conflict on his path to the famous African throne.

It’s a power struggle we’ve seen ten times before, but what makes Black Panther so special is the character’s 50-year stint in Marvel Comics, during which time he has become one of the industry’s undisputed staples. And on February 16th, he’ll finally be given his cinematic due. The timing is rather perfect, too, given Marvel has decided to launch Ryan Coogler’s standalone pic at a time when the United States will be celebrating Black History Month.

Indeed, that excitement is there for all to see, after one curious fan captured a beautiful Black Panther billboard looming over the streets of Los Angeles:

Upon closer inspection, the eye-catching poster also features the film’s souped-up logo, which released just yesterday alongside news of Black Panther: The Album. Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith are in charge of the official soundtrack, and you can catch an early sample of the lead single, “All the Stars,” right here.

Dubbed the big, operatic family drama of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther will make a beeline for US theaters on February 16th – exactly one week after its initial debut in the United Kingdom. And when it does, it’ll seemingly weigh in at 135 minutes in length. Buckle up, dear readers, for a trip to Wakanda is finally on the cards.