IMAX Poster For Black Panther Is Fit For A King


T’Challa is about to make a big, big splash on IMAX.

With Black Panther inching closer and closer to its theatrical debut, Marvel (h/t CBM) has premiered a suitably epic IMAX banner that’s fit for a king – the king of Wakanda, that is.

Equipped with an upgraded, neon-soaked version of his super-suit from Civil War, Chadwick Boseman’s warrior – part political leader, part religious figurehead – looks ready to pounce, and you’ll notice that this particular promo includes a mixture of South Korean skyscrapers and Wakanda, the fictional utopia in which Black Panther unfolds.

Here’s a close-up of that IMAX poster, which arrives in good time for the film’s U.S. debut on February 16th.

As the image suggests, Black Panther includes a number of scenes that have been specially formatted for IMAX, allowing for Ryan Coogler and the film’s creative team to project an image that is 26 percent bigger than the bog standard.

And for a film that features a staggering amount of CGI wizardry – more than Wesley Snipes could’ve ever imagined Black Panther and the IMAX format is a match made in cinematic heaven.

Director Ryan Coogler designed several sequences of the movie to fill more of the screen at an expanded IMAX 1.9:1 aspect ratio, providing fans with 26% more of the image in IMAX than standard theatres.

Black Panther has been scheduled for a US release on February 16th – expect the official review embargo to lift on February 6th – and it may well ship viewers off to outer space. Elsewhere, Marvel’s hard-wired marketing machine is operating at full tilt as the company prepares to unveil the James Bond of the MCU.