Black Panther Nominated For Top Prize At PGA Awards


2018 was a phenomenally good twelve months for Black Panther considering the fact that he died about a third of the way through, with T’Challa’s solo debut ending December as the year’s highest-grossing film domestically and second-highest-grossing globally. But while a lot of Marvel movies have been big, and some have been even bigger than Ryan Coogler’s flick, Black Panther also managed to earn a level of acclaim and prestige previously unseen for an MCU feature, and the plaudits just keep coming.

For one thing, the film has now been nominated by The Producers Guild of America for the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for outstanding producer of theatrical motion pictures, placing the movie alongside nine other competitors in the running for this prestigious prize. Specifically, it’s Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige who stands to win the award, going up against the producers of BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Rich Asians, The Favourite, Green Book, A Quiet Place, Roma, A Star Is Born, and Vice.

Incidentally, the ceremony will also see Feige presented with the David O. Selznick Achievement Award for his work building the MCU, with the producer describing the honor last year as “one of the most meaningful experiences of [his] career.”

But going back to Black Panther, this nod is just the latest in an ongoing stream of awards recognition that the movie’s been earning in recent months, and while the Oscar nominations have yet to be announced, it wouldn’t be over-the-top to say that the feature stands a better chance of breaking into the more high-profile categories like Best Picture than any other superhero film in history. Stay tuned for some big news, or at least some major backlash if the Academy has other plans.