The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Letitia Wright’s Controversial Tweets

Black Panther Shuri

Letitia Wright was introduced to international audiences in Black Panther as Shuri, the tech genius sister of T’Challa, and has mostly been talked about as a possible replacement holder of the titular superhero mantle. However, she’s now coming under fire for tweeting a link to an anti-vax YouTube video questioning the veracity of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The video in question was posted by On the Table, a self-styled “controversial” series discussing various social issues, in which host Tomi Arayomi lays out his skepticism of the vaccine’s legitimacy and ultimate expediency. Since Wright shared it with no additional comment, it was taken as her tacit agreement with its content, to which many people took exception, as you can see below.

Yes, the speed at which the vaccine was developed may make some suspicious, but that merely indicates gaps in their understanding, such as those of Arayomi, who freely admits that he doesn’t understand vaccines in spite of the proclaimed medial background of his parents, and attempts to make up for this with rambling hyperbole.

There’s generally very little money in producing vaccines, but the way that COVID-19 has crippled the economies of most of the world’s richest countries, it was in the best interest of financiers to ensure its swift development. Thus, an unprecedented level of funding was provided to aid researchers, resulting in it being ready at a far quicker pace than usual.

While the actress is certainly within her rights to post whatever she feels strongly about, that doesn’t make her immune to people’s reactions, particularly when it’s a video on an important topic whose presenter makes clear his lack of authority on the subject. She also didn’t do herself any favors by wheeling out the “think for yourself” line in her defense, which generally translates as “disagree with people who understand something better than you ever will.”

The goodwill Letitia Wright has with fans may allow them to forgive her for this one transgression, but for some, it’ll remain a blemish on an otherwise spotless record.