Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Filming At Location With Tony Stark Connection

Black Panther Shuri

Cameras have been rolling on Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for little over a week now, and in that time an entire plot synopsis has already been leaked, directly tying the plot to Namor and Atlantis, with Tenoch Huerta still widely believed to have been cast as the Sub-Mariner, even though he joined the project eight months ago and we still can’t say for sure.

However, the second installment isn’t going to be all about epic underwater battles and fan favorite characters, with one of the major plot points needing picked up the revelation at the end of Black Panther that the Wakandans had finally decided to reveal their technological mastery to the world, having remained closed off for so long.

The production is based in Georgia, but plans are already in place to pitch up in Massachusetts later this summer, with Worcester and the Boston suburbs earmarked as locations. On top of that, Wakanda Forever is also rumored to be heading to the famed Institute of Technology, which has a long list of famous MCU alumni including Erik Killmonger, James Rhodes and a certain Tony Stark.

MIT doesn’t exactly have a reputation for letting Hollywood productions operate on their campus, but not many people say no to Marvel Studios. Robert Downey Jr.’s Stark Industries chief appeared on stage to given an address and bestow a grant on the current generation of students during the opening scene of Captain America: Civil War, while Riri Williams is another notable former resident, and she’s getting her own Disney Plus series with Ironheart.

It could be for flashbacks, Wakandan International Outreach Centers or general connective tissue, but it’s nonetheless a neat way to tie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever into the larger tapestry of the MCU.