Black And White Version Of Logan Hits Theatres Next Month


If you recall – and how could you not? It was only a few months ago – 20th Century Fox kicked off the marketing campaign for Logan with a series of black and white stills. It continued on for quite a while, too, leading many to wonder if the film itself would be released without color. Of course, that didn’t turn out to be the case, but thanks to how gorgeous some of those aforementioned shots were, fans have been curious to see what a black and white cut of the threequel might look like.

Over the past few weeks, there’d been rumblings that the studio was looking into releasing such a thing and now, it’s been confirmed. Director James Mangold took to Twitter earlier today to advise us “not to make any plans on the evening of May 16.” Why? Well, because Logan will be heading back to theatres for a limited, domestic release, and this time, it won’t have any color in it.

Speaking about the decision to put together a black and white version, the director noted that it was the response to those monochrome photos which inspired him to do it.

“It caused such an extreme reaction, and so much appreciation for these pictures, and then people immediately [were] wondering if the film itself was going to be in black and white, and so we are giving it a whirl,” Mangold said.

It’s unclear how long Logan will remain in theatres, but it seems that it’s going to be a one day only release, so if you’re itching to see how Wolvie’s final adventure would look in black and white, you better do as Mangold says and make sure you don’t have any plans on the evening of the 16th. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on what’s sure to be a special experience.

Specific screening details such as times and locations are yet to be revealed, but with the release not too far off now, we expect 20th Century Fox to make that information available shortly. Until then, take to the comments below and let us know if you’ll be checking out Logan again next month.

Source: Variety