New Black Widow Merch May Connect Taskmaster To Iron Man


In the wake of this month’s Black Widow trailer release, several of Marvel’s biggest licensees have now unveiled the various merchandise they have lined up for the year’s first MCU movie.

Among the tie-in toys that are soon headed for shelves is a Hasbro playset featuring the mask and shield of the film’s mysterious villain, Taskmaster, and if you look closely enough, some fans have speculated that you can spot signs of a connection to one Tony Stark.

Specifically, the mask’s visor seems to include a built-in HUD, much like the one used in Iron Man’s helmet. And while this alone is hardly enough to confirm a direct link to the MCU’s first superhero, this certainly isn’t the first hint we’ve got that Taskmaster may be drawing inspiration from the stars of Marvel’s Infinity Saga.

The character’s use of a bow and arrow, for instance, has already drawn comparisons to Hawkeye, while the trailer footage of him throwing his shield calls to mind Captain America’s trademark move. What’s more, all of this seems consistent with previous comic book depictions of Taskmaster, who’s always had a gift for mimicking the techniques of his foes.

As the first entry of Marvel’s Phase 4, perhaps it’s fitting that Black Widow might feature a villain who employs the skills and resources of the lead heroes from the MCU’s previous era. Meanwhile, it’s believed that Robert Downey Jr. himself will also be making a cameo, suggesting that the film could serve as one final word on the Infinity Saga, even as it helps points the way to the franchise’s future.

In any case, we’ll find out just how Black Widow connects to the larger MCU when the flick hits theaters on May 1st.