Black Widow LEGO Set Reveals New Taskmaster Helicopter Scene


It’s been a good week for Black Widow material, between the film’s latest trailer and the various merch photos that have made their way online. Coming hot on the heels of the recent Funko Pop! reveal, for instance, are some new pics showing off the movie’s first tie-in LEGO set, which potentially teases a set piece revolving around a black helicopter.

The cover art shows the villainous Taskmaster stood on the edge of the chopper, while Natasha Romanoff fights alongside MCU newcomer and fellow Black Widow, Yelena Belova, played in the film by Florence Pugh.

At the moment, there’s a fair amount of speculation surrounding Pugh’s character, with fans wondering if she’ll be a franchise regular or a one-time player with a potentially tragic fate. But the figure who’s really been getting the theorists all fired up is Taskmaster, partly because we still don’t even know which actor is behind the mask.

In any case, though LEGO sets aren’t always the most reliable source for MCU intel, these new images don’t seem to imply a whole lot that the film’s trailers haven’t told us already.

The recent Funko Pop! reveal, on the other hand, has already helped fuel a couple of fan theories making the rounds, with much of the speculation stemming from the mysterious red object that the Nat figurine has in her hand.

One popular suggestion, for example, is that the tube contains an updated version of the Super Soldier Serum, once used by Captain America. Alternatively, there are some who’ll tell you that the prop looks more like a vial of Pym Particles, implying that the famous Ant-Man MacGuffin could play an important role in the upcoming flick.

Either way, there’ll be plenty more Black Widow merchandise for the internet to scrutinize in the coming months, before the film itself hits theaters on May 1st.