Black Widow Movie Reportedly Begins Shooting Next Month


The ever spoiler-conscious Marvel Studios has been keeping tight-lipped about their plans beyond this year’s three-film slate, meaning that most of the info we’ve got to go on for the Black Widow movie has come by way of unconfirmed reports. Nonetheless, if this recent article from Geeks WorldWide is anything to go by, then the next couple of months could bring a little clarification to the long-awaited project.

According to the team at Omega Underground, they’ve now received confirmation on a previous rumor that Natasha Romanoff’s solo debut will begin filming in February, alleging that production will kick off on the 28th. The piece also mentions that with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 now on hold, Black Widow is the studio’s next top priority.

We’ve so far heard a fair amount of hearsay on the upcoming flick, from claims that the film will be set before 2012’s The Avengers to a recent report that Marvel Studios was considering making this their first R-rated movie. Chances are, the studio will be keeping stingy with the details at least until Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th, at which point, the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will likely provide us with a much better idea of what Marvel’s Phase 4 will look like.

In any case, it’s said that Berlin Syndrome director Cate Shortland will be at the helm for the project. This makes Black Widow the first MCU flick to be solely directed by a female filmmaker, suggesting that the studio is following through on their alleged commitment to better representation both in front of and behind the camera, and if a report from last year has it right, then we could be seeing the results in theaters from May 1st, 2020.