Black Widow Will Reportedly Feature 30 Minutes Of IMAX Footage


At least thirty minutes of the upcoming superhero movie Black Widow will be shot in IMAX. News comes from Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov, who discovered it while listening to one of IMAX’s earnings calls.

Neither Marvel nor Disney has officially announced it, but even so, this news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. As we know, most MCU films shoot at least one major action sequence in IMAX while others, like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, were shot entirely in this most cinematic of aspect ratios.

Black Widow is currently slated for a November release, though with a second wave of coronavirus infections spreading across the United States, various governments and municipalities have ordered stay-at-home mandates whilst streamers flourish and cinemas languish. As such, it’s still entirely possible that the pic could be delayed once more, or perhaps even go to streaming.

Should Black Widow end up receiving a home release rather than a theatrical one, those 30 minutes of IMAX-shot footage will certainly go to waste. The different aspect ratio was, after all, designed with large theater screens in mind, and only on such screens can its effects be truly appreciated.

In any case, with the rise of streaming services, IMAX seems to have lost some of its prominence. While the new business model of entertainment has not stopped movies from including action-packed, city-shattering, highly-explosive set pieces, filmmakers have changed the way they do their job with the small screen in mind.

IMAX or no IMAX, though, tell us, are you excited to see Natasha Romanoff face off against Taskmaster in her first-ever standalone feature film? Let us know in the comments section down below!