Black Widow Reportedly Features Another Original Avenger, Not Iron Man


It looks like another Avenger will be turning up alongside Natasha Romanoff in Black Widowbut not the one that we were expecting. Last year, it was reported that Robert Downey Jr. had filmed a cameo as Tony Stark for the Scarlett Johansson vehicle, which was widely taken as fact. In recent times, though, we haven’t heard too much on this front. But a new rumor points to another of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes returning instead – Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.

Insider Amit Chaudhari has claimed on Twitter that a source has told him that Clint Barton will appear in Black Widow. That’s all he can say at the moment, though, with Chaudhari specifying that it could happen in “a new scene, a flashback scene or a post credit scene.”

In a follow-up tweet, Chaudhari revealed that he’s also tried to dredge up some info on Downey Jr.’s role in BW but has found nothing, which has made him “doubtful” that Iron Man really is part of the movie.

Of course, fans have long suspected that Clint could show up. After all, we know that Black Widow will explore Nat’s backstory, so it adds up that we’ll finally get to see what really happened in Budapest – a mission that the pair went on that’s been referenced a lot in the Avengers films. Some think this is where they first met and Clint helped Nat defect from Russia to S.H.I.E.L.D. Alternatively, like Chaudhari says, Hawkeye could appear in a completely different way. Maybe in a scene set post-Endgame where he’s mourning his friend’s loss?

In any case, we’ve got a long time to theorize because, as we’ve all had to accept, Black Widow won’t be arriving this year as intended and is instead hitting cinemas next April. That’s a full year after it was originally supposed to land. At least when it finally does get here, though, we may get two (or possibly even three) Avengers for the price of one.