Scarlett Johansson’s On The Run In New Black Widow Set Pics


It looks like production has officially begun for Marvel’s first Phase 4 film. And now that it has, more and more photos from the set of Black Widow are hitting the net, whether Kevin Feige likes it or not. Of course, they don’t reveal all that much, but that doesn’t stop us from theorizing about the upcoming movie, now does it?

All we can do is guess what scenes these latest shots are from, but from the looks of ScarJo’s outfits, she appears to be on the run, or perhaps training, in one of the photos and attending a funeral in another. Beyond that, we can’t piece together much else, but fans will no doubt begin speculating based off what little we have here.

Of course, this isn’t the first bunch of set pics or videos to hit the web from Black Widow while it’s being filmed, and it definitely won’t be the last. Which means there’ll be plenty of theories spawned about the setting, plot, villain, etc. The best part? It’s Natasha Romanoff’s hair that’s kicked off all the theorizing, with fans believing that the film either takes place between Infinity War and Endgame, is set in an alternate universe, or is an origin story.

Personally, I’m leaning toward the multiverse having something to do with it. Spider-Man: Far From Home has made clear it’ll be introducing multiple universes to the MCU. And with the Snapture possibly ripping holes in the space-time continuum, who’s to say that we won’t be watching Natasha Version #173 in action? If there’s one thing Avengers: Endgame accomplished, it was making our universe holier than a block of Swiss cheese.

Anyways, at the moment, we know very little about Black Widow, but as production continues, we’ll surely be getting more updates, so stay tuned.

Source: Twitter