Black Widow Reshoot Set Pics Reveal A New Hairstyle For Natasha


Black Widow is currently in the midst of reshoots and some fresh set photos show Scarlett Johansson rocking yet another new haircut for her independent adventure.

This solo outing for Natasha Romanoff is something that fans have wanted to see for years, and after waiting for so long, Marvel is finally delivering on their promise this May by giving us a Black Widow movie. Early reactions have called the film a pleasant surprise, while others have said that it’ll be different from the MCU’s first female-led pic, which premiered in 2019 to some considerable backlash from certain audience members. Perhaps that’s why the studio is currently busy reshooting scenes from the movie?

In fairness, though, it’s become something of a convention for blockbuster films to undergo reshoots, whether to add important scenes that help the franchise with the development of the bigger picture or to amend faults that might plague the film’s reception. And while we only have a few months left to go until the world premiere of Black Widow, the crew are seemingly redoing some scenes with its main star, Scarlett Johansson.

These new set photos, which have found their way online and can be seen below, don’t reveal much about the plot, but we do get to see Johansson rocking a braided haircut. As you can see, the heroine will be driving an Audi while flaunting a new hairstyle in the film, which in hindsight, has been one of the trademark changes of the character in every new movie.

For those who’re still wondering if Natasha stays dead after her sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, the producers have previously said that this spinoff takes place following Captain America: Civil War, so there’ll be plenty of time to fit in the events without jeopardizing the plot of the previous outings.

All in all, then, Black Widow is a crucial step in the future of the MCU and if the positive attitude of fans is anything to go by, the movie will prove to be a big hit when it arrives later this year.

Source: Twitter