Twitter Is Loving The New Black Widow Trailer From The Super Bowl


The Super Bowl has come and gone, leaving behind a slurry of specially produced film trailers for audiences to get their teeth into. One of the most hyped (I’m told) was the 30-second TV spot for Black Widow. And as is customary in these moments, I’ve been wheeled out to present to you a selection of the Marvel Twitteratti’s most excited reactions to said trailer.

Are you sitting comfortably? It doesn’t matter if you aren’t, because I’m proceeding anyway. Grab a cushion.

We’ll get the ball rolling with a rhetorical courtesy of @brie_sparkles:

I’m coping just fine, thanks.

@goshromanoff, meanwhile, wanted to share their unqualified love for Natasha Romanoff/Scarlett Johansson, and they did just that:

Everyone’s got a personality cult going for them these days, right? Moving on…

Here’s some praise for a specific segment of the trailer from @scarlettsgreys:

Correct, that is indeed a sequence. Unless it’s one of those trailer segments where crafty editing has stitched together shots from entirely different parts of the film to create a deceptive impression that bares no relation to the actual product. One of those, you know.

On the lighter side – and I always like to finish on that side – here’s some straight-up all-caps excito-babble from @brielarzon (no relation) to see out the day’s frivolity:

I have literally no idea what they’re saying. None. If anyone suitably versed in Twitter linguistics can help decipher this impenetrable code, I would very much appreciate that. Sounds like another of my rejected National Treasure 3 plots. Someone, somewhere will action one of them someday. People don’t want more superhero fodder like Black Widow, they want Nicolas Cage trying to understand social media for 130 minutes. It’s no less barmy than thinking Terminator: Dark Fate wasn’t going to flop, right?

In any case, here are a few more Twitter reactions for good measure:

Black Widow shoots its way into theaters on May 1st. Don’t miss it.