Black Widow Stills Show How Nat’s Costume Ties Into Avengers: Infinity War


Black Movie is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most highly anticipated production on the horizon after the conclusion of the Infinity Saga in 2019, but interestingly enough, it’s also the first film that takes place in the past and defies the chronological timeline of the MCU.

Indeed, we’ve learned that Natasha Romanoff’s solo outing will take place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, which, at the very least, explains the character’s sudden on-screen resurrection after her demise in Endgame. But going beyond Marvel Studios’ attempt at finally giving Black Widow her own flick, the producers have the benefit of hindsight as a powerful storytelling device for this particular narrative.

To that end, high-quality stills of Scarlett Johansson in costume as the titular protagonist that had recently surfaced online showcase how the superheroine’s apparel evolved into her unique garment in the last two Avengers films.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Cate Shortland’s pic pay homage to Nat and her journey through the MCU by incorporating solemn scenes that hint at her eventual death. And what better way to do that than visit her old family back in Russia? But besides that, more connections of a subtle nature are also bound to pop up every now and again throughout the film.

As for her suit, back during the Sokovia Accords incident, Natasha was sporting one that was entirely black, geared towards stealth as was her M.O., but in Infinity War, her armor had protective features. Now, in Black Widow, we see that the greyish outlines of the suit actually draw parallels with that final costume, so it’ll be interesting to see how the character gets her hands on it in the film.