Marvel Fans Are Losing It Over The New Black Widow Trailer

Black Widow

Get ready, Marvel lovers, the MCU is coming back! Though we’ve been treated to TV shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier recently, we’ve been without a new MCU movie since summer 2019, but the long drought is almost over.

Last month, the studio pushed Black Widow back from May to July, but the good news is they’ll make it available on Disney Plus alongside its theatrical release. And now that it’s just three months away, a brand new trailer has dropped online this Saturday and fans are losing their minds over it.

#BlackWidow is trending on Twitter as the internet reacts to the preview, which is our first one since more than a year ago. To revitalize the hype for the multi-delayed movie, it reveals a lot of fresh material, including a flashback to a young Natasha and the mysterious Taskmaster in action. And here are just some of the excited reactions going around on social media…

Get ready for more Natasha Romanoff, people!

Prepare to be broken.

Who else got goosebumps at this point?

Now that’s how to edit a trailer!

Nat and Yelena’s bond is going to be a highlight.

Get ready to meet your next favorite MCU heroine.

Taskmaster looks set to be a formidable opponent for the Widows.

This was a low blow.

Folks are calling it already, it’s going to be one of the best.

Some are getting greedy, though, and are hoping they can have Scarlett Johansson back for a whole trilogy after the film finally releases.

Black Widow is all set to sail into theaters on July 9th. Alternatively, it’ll become available on Disney Plus the very same day through the platform’s Premier Access premium label, which means it’ll cost you an additional charge to watch it – probably around $30. There’ve been some mixed reactions to that, but ultimately, MCU fans are just happy that it’s locked into a release date at long last.