MCU Fans Are Freaking Out Over Black Widow Coming To Disney Plus

Black Widow Taskmaster

Some news that Marvel fans have been expecting for a long time now finally came out today. And it’s good and bad. On one hand, as was inevitable, Black Widow has been delayed once again, with the Scarlett Johansson prequel moving back from May to July. On the other, it’ll be released the same day on both Disney Plus Premier Access and in theaters.

Of course, MCU lovers have been campaigning for Disney to drop the movie on streaming for a full year now, so there’s a lot of excitement going around online from those who are looking forward to watching it from the comfort – and safety – of their own home.

As Steve Rogers would say, language!

Hopefully this is the film’s final delay.

Good news all round.

Of course, there are obviously those who are less excited over the move, as this is another hit to theater chains’ attempts to coax folks back to the big screen.

What’s more, D+’s Premier Access level has been controversial with subscribers ever since it was launched for Mulan last fall. It’s expected that, just as with that movie and Raya and the Last Dragon, Black Widow will cost users an additional $30 to watch, and some aren’t willing to pay it.

Then again, there’s always the counter-argument to that – it’s about the same price you’d spend for a group of people to catch it in theaters.

The perfect scenario (definitely for Disney) is if you do both.

After the streaming service crashed three weeks in a row over WandaVision, fingers crossed that Disney work on their server capacity for Black Widow. Cos this one’s gonna be massive.

And here are a few more reactions, just for good measure:

Assuming it sticks to this new date, Black Widow will finally arrive 14 months after it was originally supposed to last May. It’ll also be two whole years to the month since a Marvel movie came out at all. Thankfully, we’ve got MCU TV shows to keep us busy in the meantime, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues this Friday on Disney Plus.