WandaVision Crashes Disney Plus For Third Week In A Row


After eight weeks of mystery and intrigue, WandaVision was finally brought to a conclusion today, and fans clearly weren’t ready for those hugely emotional moments between the two title characters. The show’s greatest strength has always been the dynamic between Wanda and Vision, so it was no surprise that the heart-wrenching goodbyes had viewers reaching for the tissues.

In terms of everything else, it was by far the one and only episode that hit the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster formula. Indeed, we got a double dose of one of the franchise’s favorite tropes when both Wanda and Vision were forced to battle against evil mirror versions of themselves with similar powers, culminating in a green screen-heavy action sequence that came awfully close to giant sky beam territory.

The arcs of Jimmy Woo, Darcy, Monica Rambeau and Tyler Hayward, meanwhile, were all wrapped up a little too quickly, but at least Scarlet Witch finally gets an official superhero name and a sweet costume for her to wear as she presumably causes havoc by trying to find the alternate reality in which her children actually exist during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The bad news is that some Disney Plus subscribers had to wait a little longer to discover how WandaVision ended, after the streaming service crashed for the third week in a row as millions of customers all tried to watch the same thing at the same time, again. The Mandalorian never had this problem, which could indicate the MCU’s first show is generating more traffic from the second it goes live, but we’ll see if it continues to happen when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier starts rolling out in just two weeks.