The Internet’s Freaking Out Over The WandaVision Finale

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Today’s series finale of WandaVision saw the epic showdown between the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness and brought the Westview dilemma to an end, be it a heartbreaking and self-revelatory one for our protagonists.

After managing to bring the Infinity Saga to a satisfying conclusion, Marvel Studios had a lot riding on their foray into the world of streaming and television. Granted, we’d already witnessed the brand’s success in the form of shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but these days, the MCU hardly acknowledges them within the canonical timeline.

Now that WandaVision, their first Disney+ series, has come to a close, though, we can safely say that this may have been all that Kevin Feige and the gang were hoping for and more. Indeed, while Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s solo outing kicked things off in a none too ambitious manner, the story slowly built towards a suspenseful and mysterious narrative, compelling many fans to argue that this might be one of the better things that the MCU has done in its history.

The final episode has also apparently managed to create quite the stir online as Marvel enthusiasts try to wrap their heads around everything that went down in the fairytale town of Westview. And here are just some of the reactions they’ve been sharing on Twitter:

As a lot of fans have already pointed out, the WandaVision finale was as emotional as it was epic. Because if you had a hard time saying goodbye to Vision in Infinity War, you can be sure that the last couple of minutes will break your heart again. Still, I guess we knew from the very beginning that this is how the story was going to end.

Tell us, though, what were your thoughts on the last episode? And did it live up to your expectations? Sound off below.