Black Widow Theory May Explain The Reason Behind Nat’s New Costume


Ever since Natasha Romanoff’s introduction in the MCU, fans were clamoring for a solo movie for the ex-assassin. And finally, the recent first trailer for Black Widow has given us an exciting taste of what we can expect for the badass redhead’s next big screen outing.

Set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War when the Avengers were in disarray, the story sees Nat reunite with figures from her past, featuring Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, another Black Widow who went thought the same training and conditioning as Nat; David Harbour as Red Guardian, an aging Soviet counterpart to Captain America; and Rachel Weisz as Melina, a research scientist and another Black Widow who will likely be revealed to be the original. Together, they’ll battle the villainous Taskmaster, an elite assassin able to intuitively mimic the fighting style and weapons use of anyone encountered.

But what’s also caught a lot of folks’ attention in the trailer is what Nat was wearing in it. If you’ll recall, she sported two different costumes. One was a white version of her usual suit while the other one was a dark bodysuit (see below) which was quite a departure from what we typically see her in. And it’s now got people wondering where exactly she got it from?

You see, the film is set at a time when Nat doesn’t have a lot of resources to help her fight evil and with S.H.I.E.L.D. defunct and the Avengers not together when the movie takes place, it begs the question of who gave her this awesome new costume? That remains to be seen, but ScreenRant have put forth an interesting theory that stems from the above poster, which they point out has Natasha sporting a different hairstyle which we’ve never seen on her before, leading them to believe it comes from a flashback scene.

Connecting the dots further, they believe that perhaps this uniform is from a flashback of when Nat worked for the Red Room. In which case, it’s not exactly a new costume but rather, her first costume. And that’s further supported by the fact that, as Screen Rant points out, we also see Rachel Weisz’s Melina wearing the same outfit in the trailer, and we know that she’s a Black Widow, too.

The outlet goes in a bit further with their theory and you can read the whole thing via the link below, but it’s certainly an interesting take on Nat’s new (or should that be, old?) duds. Whatever the truth may be though, we’ll find out when Black Widow hits theaters on May 1st, 2020.

Source: ScreenRant