New Black Widow Trailer Reportedly Attached To The New Mutants


If you can believe it, which you have every reason not to if you’ve been following the constant turmoil that’s plagued the movie everywhere it goes, The New Mutants arrives in theaters today. Obviously, though, with the world still in the midst of a pandemic and the industry not even close to returning to business as usual, there’s literally no way to gauge if the long wait for the X-Men spinoff will be worth it for new rights-holders Disney from a box office perspective.

We won’t be able to get a full critical consensus, either, as many outlets are refusing to attend screenings based on their concerns about personal safety and social distancing protocols, so the jury looks to be out on The New Mutants for at least a little while longer. One major positive though is that Josh Boone’s horror-tinged comic book flick has finally been released at long last, a full 30 months behind schedule.

A lot of people are still very wary about heading down to their local multiplex given the current circumstances, but former Screen Junkies boss Andy Signore has revealed that a new full-length trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow is playing before the main feature, presumably in an effort to draw in larger audiences that have been starved of MCU content in recent months.

As you can see, the release date is still listed for November, which is an encouraging sign for some given that countless movies have been delayed several more times already and in some cases even pushed back to 2021, but a disappointing one for others who were hoping that Disney would give Black Widow the Mulan treatment and send it straight to Disney Plus instead.