MCU Fans Demand Black Widow On Disney Plus Following Mulan Announcement


Theaters around the world have been shuttered for close to five months now, with the majority of takings coming from limited runs of classic movies, drive-ins or the fantastic story of Unsubscribe, the short film that became the number one movie in America after creator Christian Nilsson took advantage of the chaos to rent an entire cinema and buy every ticket himself so that his Zoom-shot thriller could genuinely be called the #1 box office hit in the country.

The domino effect caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has reduced the 2020 release schedule to bare bones, and as the uncertainty continues, more and more movies are packing up and heading to 2021 instead. On the plus side, it means next year is looking to be the most stacked ever for fans, but the drawback will be a dearth of new content over the next few months.

Disney sent shockwaves through the industry yesterday when they officially announced that after months of delays and widespread speculation, Mulan would be releasing exclusively on Disney Plus for a one-off fee. While there had been rumors making the rounds for a while that it could happen, the idea of a $200 million blockbuster bypassing theaters entirely and heading straight to streaming still seemed unthinkable.

Almost as soon as the Mouse House dropped their Mulan bombshell though, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans went online in the hopes that Black Widow could end up getting a similar treatment, even though it isn’t scheduled to arrive until November, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Fans are already in the midst of the longest gap between MCU movies in a decade, so you can understand why they’re starting to get impatient waiting for Black Widow. However, Disney will no doubt be viewing the Mulan situation as a one-off and with November still a long way away, the studio will be crossing their fingers that things are back to some kind of normal by then and Natasha Romanoff’s long-awaited solo movie gets released into theaters as always intended.