Here’s What Blake Lively Could Look Like As Black Canary In Birds Of Prey


Birds of Prey looks to be the next Worlds of DC movie to make it before the cameras. Loosely based on the female supergroup of the same name, Margot Robbie’s reprising the role of Harley Quinn to lead the project, which she calls her “R-rated girl gang movie.” Though rumors point to Batgirl being absent from the team’s line-up, many of DC’s other top-shelf superheroines will feature on the roster, including Black Canary.

But who could be the one to bring Dinah Lance to the big screen for the first time? Well, that remains to be seen, but fan artist Boss Logic has suggested Blake Lively as the perfect choice. To make the case for the actress, he mocked up what she’d look like as the character. Seen in the gallery below, she’s decked out in Canary’s iconic leather jacket with her trusty staff and blue lipstick to complete the look.

Fans will know that Blake Lively has already appeared in a DC movie, as she starred as Carol Ferris in 2011’s Green LanternThough anyone who’s seen it has tried to forget it exists, GL holds an important place in Lively’s life, as the production was how she met future Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who’s now her husband. Speaking of Reynolds, Boss Logic recently created a piece which cast the actor as Wally West’s version of the Flash.

Thanks to this artwork, though, it’s easy to see how Lively would look the part as Black Canary. However, it seems that Warner Bros. has their eye on another actress. Namely, Lea Seydoux, who’s apparently been in the running to play the sonic screamer seeing as she’s now been freed of her commitment to Fox’s Gambit. We haven’t heard any updates on that for a few months now, though, so maybe director Cathy Yan might start looking Blake Lively’s way for Birds of Prey, after all.

Source: Boss Logic