Blake Lively & Jessica Lange Could Be Making An HBO Film Together

With Savages hitting theatres this Friday, Blake Lively will be back on the big screen as the shared girlfriend of Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, who play  Chon and Ben, two California drug dealers. However, after Savages, it seems like Lively’s film schedule is pretty clear.

She has a short film for Gucci directed by Nicolas Winding Refn that is coming out at the Veince Film Festival and she is also set to finish up the last season of Gossip Girl before Christmas. Aside from that though, she seems to be in the clear.

Today we’re hearing that the actress will be part of an HBO film with American Horror Story star Jessica Lange that is shooting this Fall in Vancouver and Calgary.

The report reads:

“Blake Lively and Jessica Lange may be filming a movie for HBO in Vancouver and Calgary in the Fall. Sources tell me that there were some people in town this week scouting out locations in the Calgary parks and mansions around town.

No idea what the movie is about or who plays what…but clearly someone is rich. I will keep my ears open for news in the upcoming months if this is actually going down. As we know, nothing is certain in the film world..but if Jessica Lange comes to Calgary I will be pretty jazzed. And, I mean…if Blake is here there is a chance for me to attack Ryan Reynolds, so that is always thrilling.”

Now, this news comes from a blog called XOXO Jes, which doesn’t really scream reliability. That, coupled with the fact that this is the first we’re hearing of this, does make us doubt the news, just a bit. We haven’t heard anything on this from any of the big outlets yet and until we do, we’ll take this with a grain of salt.

Plus, neither Blake Lively or Jessica Lange have any affiliation to HBO, which makes us doubt this even further.

Either way, we’ll let you know when more news arises.