Blistering Jason Bourne TV Spot Teases High-Octane Action And A Potential Spoiler


For a summer blockbuster arriving in little over a month’s time, all has been relatively quiet on the Jason Bourne front. Perhaps that’s because we’ve come accustomed to superhero tentpoles pumping out umpteen TV spots, clips, featurettes and teasing teasers prior to release; or it simply comes down to Universal adopting a less-is-more approach to marketing next month’s franchise revival.

Breaking the radio silence today is a blistering new TV spot for Jason Bourne, hauling Matt Damon’s hardboiled operative out from hiding and into the thick of a post-Snowden world of surveillance and malicious spying.

Bear in mind that there is a potentially massive spoiler included in the 30-second sizzle reel; so if you’re hoping to go into Paul Greengrass’ reboot with a relatively fresh slate, avert thy eyes!


Still with us? Embedded below, the TV spot champions some of the razor-sharp editing that helped put Universal’s Bourne franchise on the map more than a decade ago. This time around, though, Damon’s agent has the upper hand in that he remembers everything from his past, and that portends all kinds of chaos for the leering agencies snooping on the unsuspecting population.

Joining Matt Damon for next month’s actioner are the fresh faces of Tommy Lee Jones and the seemingly omnipresent Alicia Vikander. They’ll be rounding out a cast list that already features Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel, Ato Essandoh, Scott Shepherd and Riz Ahmed in undisclosed roles.

The CIA’s most lethal former operative will be drawn out of the shadows and into theaters when Jason Bourne finally makes its bow on July 29.