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‘Blonde’ is out, but it looks like everyone wishes it wasn’t

One great performance doesn't seem to be enough to save this film from its shortcomings.

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix has finally launched its highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde and this anticipation has quickly turned sour as audiences share their thoughts on the film.

Many viewers have taken to social media to slam the film for what they perceive to be its exploitative antics, taking offence to how Monroe is represented in the film.

Since its launch, social media has lit up with Netflix subscribers airing their disappointment in the film’s existence for a variety of reasons but mostly the idea of telling Monroe’s story in this way.

Despite its shortcomings, one aspect of the film that has received unanimous praise is the performance of actress Ana De Armas as Monroe — a transformation that contributed to the film’s hype prior to release. The film’s cinematography was also another part of the film that has seen some praise.

Right now Blonde has a tragic rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes with just 50 percent on the Tomatometer. As for audience opinion, the movie has scored slightly lower with just 46 percent from more than 250 reviews.

These reviews echo the public opinion that the film fails to respect Norma Jeane’s real story, instead opting for spectacle. Of course, there are some positive reviews for the film which praise it for shining a spotlight on the horrors of fame and men, but there are many more negative reactions to the movie. You can read our review of the film here.

If you’re eager to check out the film for yourself then you’re in luck. Blonde is available to stream on Netflix right now.

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