Sony Confirms Deleted Scenes And Alternate Ending For Bloodshot Blu-Ray


Though Bloodshot didn’t exactly set the box office ablaze in the way Sony would’ve liked, Vin Diesel’s sci-fi actioner still managed to carve out an audience of its own.

As a matter of fact, if you missed Sony’s budding franchise-starter on the silver screen, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s already available across VOD. There’s just one problem – said digital version doesn’t include any deleted scenes, alternate endings, or the other special features one would expect.

But that all changes next week – May 5th, to be specific – when Sony will bring Bloodshot to Blu-ray and DVD replete with special features. Among the highlights is that aforementioned alternate ending, while those who purchase the digital version can lack forward to a four-part animation that seeks to explore the bleeding-edge tech of the RST corporation.

**NEW** R.S.T. HACK: CHAINSAW (A series of 4 Animated Explorations) As the world is exposed to the bleeding edge technology of R.S.T. in news reports across the globe, one industrious hacker bypasses firewalls and dives into the secure files of the covert agency to unearth in-depth character data and black ops technology of the members of the team code-named CHAINSAW. Four separate security breaches bring our hacker ever closer to the highly classified secrets and intelligence of the team and the man known as BLOODSHOT.


The bonus content continues below:

Deleted & Extended Scenes including an Alternate Ending

Outtakes & Blooper Reel


Initiate Sequence: Directing BLOODSHOT: Visual Effects and Video Game Artist Dave Wilson takes the reins of his first feature film and reveals all of the passion, creativity, and hard work that he and his team of artists employed in bringing BLOODSHOT to life.

Forgotten Soldiers: The Cast of BLOODSHOT: Vin Diesel takes center stage to unveil the compelling aspects of his approach to the comic book superhero, BLOODSHOT, and Guy Pearce, Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Heughan, and Lamorne Morris detail all aspects of the film’s amazing ensemble


Deleted & Extended Scenes including an Alternate Ending
Outtakes & Blooper Reel
Initiate Sequence
Forgotten Soldiers
4K ULTRA HD (will include Blu-ray in packaging)
Deleted & Extended Scenes including an Alternate Ending

It’s fair to say Sony is offering viewers bang for their buck when it comes to Bloodshot‘s home video release (and digital debut, of course).

Nevertheless, the Powers That Be will be hoping to jump-start the Valiant Cinematic Universe in spite of Bloodshot‘s tepid box office return – $29.2 million against a $45 million production budget doesn’t exactly make for good reading. Launching into theaters amid the Coronavirus pandemic didn’t exactly help matters, either, but this is still yet another example of Vin Diesel struggling to find box office riches beyond the Fast and Furious franchise.

All this has fueled speculation that the producers will now fast-track the VCU with or without Diesel, with rumors circulating that both John Cena and Will Smith are being courted for major roles.