Bloody New Still From The Raid 2: Berandal

Director Gareth Evans, who impressed audiences everywhere with his breakout action film The Raid: Redemption, is hard at work on the sequel, titled The Raid 2: Berandal. Currently filming in Jakarta, Indonesia and scheduled for a 100 day shoot, the film is set to bring us more of the explosive action seen in the first outing. That’s a given. But, judging by this new still, which was released today, it looks like we’ll also be getting some decent blood and gore.

If you haven’t been keeping up, you can check out the plot summary for Evans’ sequel below:

Picking up right where the first film ends, ‘The Raid 2′ follows Rama (Uwais) as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in his own police force.“

Having loved The Raid: Redemption (it was one of my favourite films of last year), I could not be more excited for its sequel. The first film was seriously mind blowing. It was refreshing, exciting, expertly choreographed and perfectly executed.  Some of the action and fights presented in it were simply stunning and to think that Evans is planning on topping that for his sequel is something that has me very excited. I honestly cannot wait to see what he and his team have cooked up for The Raid 2: Berandal.

Expectations are certainly high for the sequel, given how freaking awesome The Raid: Redemption was. Evans knows that he has to top what he did in the first film and as hard as that may be to imagine, I think he’ll be able to do it. The man has proven his brilliance and I don’t think we have anything to worry about with the sequel.

What do you think? Will The Raid 2: Berandal live up to the expectations that surround it?