My Bloody Valentine Reboot Reportedly In Development

My Bloody Valentine

Plenty of great original horror movies get released on an annual basis, but that doesn’t mean Hollywood is going to stop returning to the well and reinventing, rebooting or remaking pre-existing titles for modern audiences, with almost every single hit in the genre’s history having been subjected to an update over the last two decades.

On that note, given that we haven’t seen a fresh spin on My Bloody Valentine since 2009, it feels as though we’re long overdue. The original wasn’t a massive success when it landed in theaters in 1981, making less than $6 million at the box office, but it quickly gained cult status, which was mostly down to the MPAA demanding that nine minutes of footage be removed due to the excessive violence and gore.

My Bloody Valentine

It was confirmed by the producers that the excised scenes still existed out there, leading to the uncut version of My Bloody Valentine becoming something of a Holy Grail for horror aficionados, but Paramount refused to release it to the masses. To coincide with the remake, which won strong critical notices and piggybacked the post-Avatar 3D phenomenon to earn over $100 million globally, Lionsgate quickly capitalized by picking up the home video rights to the property and putting an extended cut of the original on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There hasn’t been much movement from the franchise since then, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us a new Exorcist was in the works long before it was confirmed – that a reboot of My Bloody Valentine is in active development. Further details remain unclear for now, but given how quickly low budget horror tends to come together, if the project gains traction in the near future, we could realistically be seeing it arrive by February next year.