Blumhouse Releases Teaser For First Halloween Trailer


Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie may have a fair bit of experience dealing with The Shape, but for the rest of the Strode family, Halloween will be Karen and Allyson’s first encounter with Michael Myers, the stalker of Haddonfield and destroyer of dreams.

Pegged to hit theaters this October – which is quite fitting, really, given that it’ll also mark the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s original classic – this soft reboot/sequel is coming to us from David Gordon Green, who’s brought the gang back together for a little trip down memory line. It’s one which we’ll soon get a look at, too, thanks to the film’s first trailer. Before that arrives, though, Blumhouse has dropped the teaser you’ll see up above, which doesn’t actually provide us with any footage, but still acts as a nice appetizer for what’s to come.

As for the real deal, it’s due to hit the web this Friday, June 8th, and promises to be every bit as bone-chilling as John Carpenter’s cult classic from ’78. As we mentioned before, Curtis is back for more and the actress and all-around scream queen legend has already warned fans to pack their adult diapers in anticipation of Halloween‘s arrival in October. And as for Laurie? She’s seemingly turned “into a warrior” since her first brush with Michael Myers.

Hell, the reactions from CinemaCon were so overwhelmingly positive that Halloween now finds itself among some of the most anticipated movies of 2018. Whether it can live up to all the hype remains to be seen, but everything we’ve heard so far has us eagerly anticipating the return of Mr. Myers and in just a few days, we’ll have a much better idea of what we’re in for.

Haddonfield swings its doors open to Halloween once more when David Gordon Green’s follow-up creeps out of the shadows and into theaters on October 19th. Stay tuned to WGTC for full coverage of what is sure to be a spooky trailer reveal on Friday.

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