The First Halloween Trailer Reactions Promise An “Intense, Nostalgic” Ride


There’s a buzz-worthy reunion about to occur on the streets of Haddonfield, and everyone is invited! Even Michael Myers…

Yes, Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green have conjured up a Halloween sequel that is decidedly different from everything that has come before. So whereas The Return of Michael Myers and Season of the Witch dabbled in supernatural hijinks and Michael’s next steps, Green’s continuation begins 40 years after the fact, by which point Myers is locked behind bars and Laurie Strode has moved on to become a grandmother.

This alternate timeline also means that the whole sibling subplot has been shelved entirely, as was revealed in the Halloween teaser trailer paraded in front of CinemaCon attendees. Jamie Lee Curtis was also in attendance to warn budding viewers that, yes, the R-rated Blumhouse sequel is every bit as horrifying as we’ve been led to believe, all the while maintaining that old-school spirit that made the original John Carpenter movie so special.

Via Twitter:

Exactly when this “intense, nostalgic” footage will be released online is up for debate, though given Halloween‘s prime October premiere, we imagine Blumhouse won’t sit on its first-look teaser for much longer – particularly now that the Internet is starting to stand up and take notice. Hell, even those without much of an interest in horror are already beginning to keep one eye on David Gordon Green’s follow-up.

The reactions continue:

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers Halloween 2018

And one final helping of Twitter reactions, just for good measure:

Horror hits home (and Haddonfield!) when Halloween slithers into theaters on October 19th, and with the first-look trailer seemingly on the verge of release, let’s take a moment to appreciate this excellent snippet, straight from CinemaCon:

“Do you know I’ve prayed every night for his escape?” Laurie asks a police after, amid footage of her practice shooting.

“Why would you do that?” he responds, visibly shocked.

“So I can kill him.”

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