Blumhouse Working Overtime To Make Happy Death Day 3 Happen

Happy Death Day 2

Happy Death Day was a huge hit for Blumhouse when it arrived in October 2017, performing well financially and earning critical acclaim. In February 2019, Happy Death Day 2U arrived, and despite fans loving it, it failed to make much noise at the box office. Shortly after its release, then, we got the sad news that Happy Death Day 3 wasn’t being fast-tracked. However, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum isn’t giving up on the franchise just yet.

Blum has always been a big supporter of HDD and in a new interview with Yahoo!, he’s once again confirmed that he’s trying to find a way to make a third film happen. In fact, this time he seems even more dedicated to the cause. When asked about the chances of HDD3, Blum revealed that he’s “working overtime” on it.

“Let me tell you, I’m working overtime on it. Believe me. I’m trying.”

Blum’s previously explained that, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply greenlighting the threequel due to the disappointing gross of the second one. However, he’s hoping to come up with a way to do it that’s financially feasible. The good news is that writer/director Christopher Landon has his plans ready to go, having mapped out the storyline at the same time as HDD2U. He’s already got the title, too: Happy Death Day Tre3. 

Likewise, star Jessica Rothe – who plays time-looped sorority sister Tree Gelbman – is committed to the role for the long haul. The actress recently said that she’s willing to wait a long time to get the chance to portray Tree again, even saying she’s up for a return 30 years in the future, a la Jamie Lee Curtis in Blumhouse’s Halloween movies.

A threequel would presumably follow up on the post-credits scene of Happy Death Day 2U, which saw DARPA seize the time loop device for further experiments, with Tree’s bitchy friend Danielle (Frozen 2‘s Rachel Matthews) ending up trapped in her own loop. Let’s just hope Blum and his team can make it happen.