Blumhouse’s Jason Blum Shares His Pick for Scariest Movie Ever

friday the 13th

When a name is synonymous with horror, fans will not just acknowledge but value their opinions on other characters, stories, and films within the genre.

For instance, when Stephen King recommends something on Twitter, fans tune in. When he shares an opinion on a series, film, or book, he’s got a slew of responses from fans excited to check it out or those who already have and want to share their thoughts with him.

So today, when Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions shared his pick for the scariest movie he’s ever seen while talking to Comicbook, fans were immediately interested.

“The scariest movie for me was Friday the 13th. Although, I’ve never been as scared as when the first time I saw the movie, but the most scared I’ve ever been seeing any movie was Friday the 13th. I was too young when I saw it and it just destroyed me.”

Friday the 13th was and still is a terrifying film. Seeing it when he was younger likely made that even scarier for Blum—which many can relate to. If you’re the age of Jason’s victims when you watch it, you wonder if something like that could ever happen to you.

While Jason has been a more dormant figure in horror lately due to legal issues, it’s still great to see the love for his story and who he is as an iconic serial slasher.

Stalking and murdering at Camp Crystal Lake was enough to ignite fear in everyone. He was always lurking, hiding, and waiting for his next victim, sort of like what’s happening now. Jason is waiting, idling while the world happening around him determines his next move. Hopefully, you’re nowhere near that infamous camp when he strikes again.