Bob Odenkirk offers an update on ‘Nobody’ sequel


Action movie fans had very high hopes for Nobody, with the hype being generated by nothing more than the talent involved on either side of the camera.

Ilya Naishuller’s feature-length directorial debut was made on bonkers first-person sci-fi Hardcore Henry, while John Wick creator Derek Kolstad penned the script, without even mentioning the presence of genre maestro as one of the producers through the 87North banner he co-founded with Chad Stahelski, rounding out the trio of Wick O.G.’s.

Bob Odenkirk as an action hero sounded phenomenal on paper, and it turned out to be even better in execution, while we’d be remiss not to mention the fact Nobody features veteran Christopher Lloyd blasting fools into smithereens with a goddamned shotgun.

Oh, and it also won an impressive 84% Rotten Tomatoes score, earned $61 million at the box office on a $16 million budget in the throes of the pandemic, and has since proven to be consistently popular on streaming. With that in mind, it was inevitable a sequel would be given the green light in short order.

During a recent interview with Empire, Odenkirk offered an update on the return of suburban father Hutch, and he sounds confident that it’ll be happening sooner rather than later.

“We are working on making that happen. Universal has been very upbeat and welcoming. Derek and I have talked story. It’s not a sure thing yet, but we’re working on it. I think the signs point to yes.”

Now that he’s done with Better Call Saul, there’s a huge gap permanently opened up on Odenkirk’s schedule, so we might even end up getting more than one Nobody sequel if he’s keen to keep kicking ass.