Why A Boba Fett Movie Could Be A Brilliant Addition To The Star Wars Saga


The Director Will Do The Source Material Justice


First off, we must address the direction of the picture. Much has been written about Lucasfilm’s diversity – or lack thereof – behind the camera, since every new Star Wars project of this decade has been helmed by a white guy.

It’s definitely disappointing, especially when we consider that women and non-white directors such as Patty Jenkins, Ryan Coogler and Taika Waititi have produced some of the most innovative and influential blockbusters in recent memory. We can only imagine what any of these talents would have done with a Boba Fett film.

However, Han Solo once said, “let’s keep a little optimism here,” and the fact that James Mangold is in the director’s chair is reason enough to get hyped for this movie. Indeed, we all know him best for Logan, but Mangold also directed Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Identity and many more. All of these particular films are captivating, well-crafted flicks, with good ratios of action and drama. And, aside from his attention to visceral action, Mangold has a penchant for compelling, multi-faceted characters. Moreover, his Wolverine outings are evidence of the kind of wonders that he can work upon pop culture icons.

All of us here at We Got This Covered fervently hope that James Mangold doesn’t fall victim to the same “creative differences” that claimed Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Colin Trevorrow. Why? Because his talent for character work bodes very well for a movie about a mysterious mercenary.

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