Could Boba Fett Be The Main Villain In Solo: A Star Wars Story?


When it comes to the one and only Boba Fett, it’s currently unclear where the character may appear next. At least, on the big screen. Star Wars fans might recall that a vehicle for the beloved bounty hunter was announced a few years ago, with Chronicle‘s Josh Trank attached to direct. After his career crashed and burned following 2014’s Fantastic Four, however, the Boba Fett movie seemed to have been shelved indefinitely.

Back in August, though, we learned that Lucasfilm was thinking of resurrecting the project, and while it still sounds like they may move ahead with it, there’s been no tangible progress on the pic in quite some time. That’s ok, though, as it looks like we could see Fett show up a bit sooner than expected, as fans have reason to believe he may have a role in Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story.

For starters, there was that suspicious set pic which surfaced last month (see the gallery below) and now, has compiled even more evidence that makes a pretty compelling case for Boba Fett being not only a character in the spinoff, but also possibly its primary antagonist. Chalk this all up as speculation for now, since we literally know next to nothing about Solo at this point, but here’s what the outlet suggests.

Looking at the announced cast, none of them are really attached to villainous characters. True, Thandie Newton is said to be a member of the Empire, but it doesn’t seem like she’s the real big bad. In fact, puts forth that she may play a similar role to Director Krennic, who was certainly a threat in Rogue One but was still overshadowed by Darth Vader.

Furthermore, there’s also the fact that including Fett here would mean that Lucasfilm wouldn’t necessarily need to give him his own spinoff anymore, as was the original plan. Like we mentioned above, while the studio claims they’re still interested in it, there’s really been no tangible progress for years now and it doesn’t seem like a priority at the moment. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, but including him in a big way in Solo could be a smarter move.

Again, this is all fairly speculative, but when combined with earlier rumors, it does start to become quite easy to see Lucasfilm using Boba Fett as the primary antagonist in the upcoming spinoff. Or at the very least, having him show up to give Han some trouble for a bit.

After all, plot-wise, it’s understood that the film chronicles Solo’s journey between the ages of 16 and 24 as he embarks on “daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld.” If that doesn’t sound like the perfect setting for the bounty hunter to appear in, then I don’t know what is.

Tell us, do you think Solo: A Star Wars Story will have a role for Boba Fett? Or are we way off? Take to the comments section down below and give us your thoughts!