Bobby Farrelly Gives An Update On The Three Stooges

Recently, Bobby Farrelly was in Toronto to promote his new film Hall Pass. While speaking about it, he also gave a few updates on his upcoming Three Stooges film. He talks about the idea for it, the casting, rumours surrounding the film and more. Check out what he had to say below.

When asked if it was going to stay true to the sitcom Bobby said that:

“The Stooges back in the day did shorts that would be shown before a feature film. They’d do that 20 minute bit before people came into see a movie, so we’re going to do it that style. We’re going to do 3 shorts, 25 minutes each. But each one will lead you into the next. Back to back to back they’ll tell a whole story. It’ll be true to the Stooges but it’s not a biopic. We’ve written all new stuff for them, in their vein of comedy.”

He was then asked where the film was in terms of casting. Bobby answered with the following:

“We’ve read a lot of people and auditoned a lot. We’ve seen some really talented people but we haven’t cast it yet, so I can’t really say whose the front runner or anything.”

Next he was asked about some of the crazier rumors he’s heard about the film. He answered the following:

“Well there’s a rumour out there now saying Cher is going to be one of the Stooges.”

A journalist jumped in at this point and said:

“The rumor is actually saying she’s going to be one of the sisters.”

Bobby replied:

“Oh, well that’s true, so that’s not crazy at all.”

Finally, he was asked about the original rumoured casting of the Three Stooges, involving Sean Penn and Benecio del Toro and how it would have been a post-21 Grams reunion for the two actors. Bobby answered:

“At that point that is who we were talking to. We wanted to get Sean Penn back into the world of comedy. The first thing he ever did that I remember is Fast Times At Ridgemont High and he was a funny character that we still laugh about to this day. Then he goes on and does just deathly serious stuff. So we were thinking it’d be great to get him back into comedy. And we almost had him. But, now he’s into Haiti and that’s what he’s doing. He told us maybe later but we had to move on, so unfortunately, that ones not going to work out. But that’s the way casting is. You don’t ever get exactly who you have in mind while writing the project. But at the same time, you will get the right people for the role.”

And that’s it for The Three Stooges. Looks like Cher may really be in it which is exciting news. But with the April start date for shooting coming up, it’s odd that they still haven’t cast the three leads. They’re running out of time. I’m still betting they go with Knoxville and Samberg for two of the three, as previously rumored. But who knows? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Check out the full Bobby Farrelly interview.