Bond 25’s Official Title Has Finally Been Revealed


Even after a teaser trailer of sorts for the next installment in the hallowed James Bond film franchise popped up online, we still didn’t have an idea of what to call the flick other than “Bond 25” – and that was as recent as June.

Fortunately, the speculation has been put to bed. As of today, we can confirm that the super spy’s next adventure for the silver screen will be titled No Time To Die. And though the announcement came via the official James Bond Twitter account, you can check out the video itself at the top of this very article.

In it, you can see a well-dressed Daniel Craig strutting into frame as the classic theme by John Barry begins playing. Soon afterward, the logo for No Time To Die is unveiled. And considering how this is likely Craig’s last contribution to the series, I’d say the title sounds highly appropriate.

Being intimately familiar with the franchise, I’m forced to recall past movies that have also made use of the word “die.” Previously, Roger Moore kicked off his run with Live and Let Die in 1973, and Pierce Brosnan ended his tenure with Die Another Day in 2002. While we can’t be too sure if there’s a deliberate pattern, “die” does get dusted off when we’re addressing 007’s alphas and omegas.

Speaking of which, it appears as though Bond himself will be retired as this particular picture’s narrative begins, with Lashana Lynch supposedly replacing him as the new 007 agent at MI-6. This has been an element even one of the screenwriters have played coy while discussing, though it’s one of the few plot details actually floating around at present time.

No Time To Die arrives in theaters on April 8th, 2020.