Borgman Wants A Bath In New Clip From Twisted Thriller


If you want an unnerving, truly disturbing cinematic experience, be sure to check out Borgman, from Dutch helmer Alex van Warmerdam. It’s a scary, eerie, darkly humorous flick filled with questions about identity and the true nature of evil, and it’s sure to stick in your head for long after you leave the theater.

Now, you can check out a new clip from the film, in which the title character (played creepily by Jan Bijvoet) innocently requests a bath in the home of an upper class family, but soon grows more taunting as he baits the houseowner (Jeroen Perceval) with the claim that he knew his wife Marina (Hadewych Minis) when she was a nurse by the name of Maria.

The clip comes courtesy of The Playlist over at Indiewire. Check it out below:

Our own Matt Donato just recently reviewed the film (and you can check out that review in full here), and he was impressed with what he saw. He wrote, Borgman reminds me of ambitious projects like Holy Motors and Delicatessen, lavish foreign productions expressing unique storytelling that refuse to be confined by scripting rules that demand no detail be presented without reasoning,” ultimately awarding the film three-and-a-half stars out of five and concluding that:

Borgman is a suburban fever dream along the lines of a much more horrifying Quentin Dupieux film, permitting audiences to determine where they believe the true evil hides.

That’s pretty high praise, so if Borgman sounds like the type of unusual cinematic experience you’d be interested in, definitely don’t pass it up as it releases in stateside theaters this month.

The film opens in New York City on June 6th at IFC Center and Lincoln Plaza and will expand into more theaters over the next two weeks, on June 13th and June 20th.

Source: The Playlist