Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look As The MCU’s Wolverine


Following the rumor that Marvel Studios is considering Henry Cavill for the MCU’s Wolverine, popular fan artist BossLogic has taken to social media to show us his idea of how the hypothetical casting might look.

Right now, the evidence is still looking pretty thin that the former Superman actor genuinely could be next in line to wield the adamantium claws, with the rumor largely tracing back to a single unconfirmed report from a lone YouTube channel.

All the same, it must be said that BossLogic’s new fan art makes an interesting case for Cavill, suggesting that if Marvel isn’t currently eyeing the Witcher star for the role, it may not be the worst idea to bring his name into the conversation.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Cavill rocking the trademark Logan hair, with dog tags hanging from his neck. Since he’s going shirtless, we can also see that he’s taken quite a beating, including a couple of bullet wounds, not that it seems to bother him much.

All the same, we wouldn’t place any money on Cavill landing the role just yet. For one thing, a lot of fans are now pushing for a shorter Wolverine more in line with the comics, and the 6′1″ Cavill doesn’t exactly fit the description.

What’s more, seeing how the MCU’s Logan will presumably be in it for the long haul, you can imagine that Marvel is probably looking for someone a little younger than Cavill, who’s currently just a couple of months away from hitting 37 (for comparison, Hugh Jackman was 31 when the first X-Men came out).

In any case, no matter who Marvel settles on for the next Wolverine, you can guarantee that the choice will be the subject of a whole load of online scrutiny and almost certainly a little fan backlash. In the meantime, Cavill has just started filming the second season of The Witcher, which is expected to arrive on Netflix some time next year.

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