Henry Cavill Rumored To Play Wolverine In Captain Marvel 2


Fans have been waiting a long time to see Wolverine enter the MCU and now it seems that it could happen with a surprising actor in mind to play the part. Though we advise taking this with a pinch of salt, it’s rumored that Man of Steel and Justice League star Henry Cavill will portray the X-Men character in Captain Marvel 2.

This crazy report comes from YouTube channel The Quartering and the timing of this wild rumor is very intriguing. After all, it was just recently announced that the two characters will team up in Captain Marvel #17, which is set to release this April. With Kevin Feige now in charge of Marvel publishing as well, this shocking claim starts to make a bit more sense, especially considering everything else that’s happened up to this point.

If you’ll recall, last August, Cavill was reported to have met with Marvel for a role in the MCU. Then, it was later alleged that the studio was eyeing the British actor to become Captain Britain. It’d make sense that Feige would want to work with him, too, as he knows how to carry a franchise and his future with DC is still hazy, with many believing he’ll be replaced as Superman. If Marvel is, in fact, considering him, the proven talent would be a solid choice to play Logan in Captain Marvel 2.

This outrageous move may indicate Marvel’s lack of confidence in Captain Marvel as well. Similar to Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, the studio has found success with adding big name characters to solo endeavors to ensure their profitability. But to jump right to Wolverine over an established hero could mean that they’re very concerned about the sequel. Or it could just mean, like the upcoming comic book storyline, that Wolverine’s arrival fits into the movie’s narrative.

Whether or not any of this turns out to be accurate is still to be determined, but what we do know is that it would be pretty insane if Cavill became the MCU’s Wolverine, don’t you think? Especially if he made his debut in Captain Marvel 2.