Here’s How Anne Hathaway Could Look As The DCEU’s Female Joker


Anne Hathaway was a pretty good Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, but a new piece of fan art hints that she could find her true calling in the purple suit and green hair of another notable Gotham City resident. We recently saw the first trailer for the new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches, in which Hathaway plays the sinister Grand High Witch. She cuts a striking figure with her haute couture, retro hair, makeup and facial scars, and famed fan artist BossLogic has realized that with a bit of a color shift she’d make an excellent Joker.

If you’re wondering where a female version of the villain might fit into future Batman mythos, then look no further than The Flash movie. This will be a transdimensional crossover that’s set to explore various alternative universes, taking inspiration from the Flashpoint arc, and here’s how Hathaway could look in the film:

For those unfamiliar, the story shows a world where Bruce Wayne was killed by Joe Chill rather than his parents. Thomas tracks down and beats Joe to death, setting himself on a path to becoming a much more violent Batman. Meanwhile, Martha is left catatonic and is institutionalized, while Thomas tries to comfort her on a visit to Arkham Asylum, saying that he misses her smile. As they say, that’s a “very poor choice of words.” I won’t spoil how their tale ends, but let’s just say that this Dark Knight and the Joker don’t walk off into the sunset together.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has long been rumored for Flashpoint Thomas Wayne, having played the DCEU version of the character in the opening scene of Batman V Superman. His Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan, meanwhile, was Martha in that film, so there’s a chance she’d be considered for the part. But honestly, Hathaway looks like she’s knocking sadistic and theatrical villainy out of the park in The Witches trailer and she’d be a great female Joker.

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