Ezra Miller’s Flash Script Said To Be In The Vein Of Flashpoint


At a time when the DC franchise is finally looking pretty healthy, The Flash movie is encountering an unexpected new set of problems. Though directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein seemed to be progressing well with the project, the latest twist in this long-gestating production is that star Ezra Miller is not happy with the direction the duo want to go in. Instead, he’s decided to come up with his own alternate script, to be penned with comic book legend Grant Morrison.

Many eyebrows were raised when this news came about last week, leaving fans eager to find out more about what Miller and Morrison want to do with the Scarlet Speedster. Now, Full Circle Cinema has shared a report which helps illuminate the situation somewhat. As previously stated, Miller’s beef with Daley and Goldstein’s take is that it’s too light-hearted and grounded for his tastes. Instead, he wants something darker and more ambitious for Barry Allen’s first solo movie.

As such, FCC is telling us that Miller’s script is set to be “in the vein of Flashpoint.” This is intriguing because the film was originally set to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint comic book event, which sees Barry accidentally change the timeline of the DC universe towards a darker path. When Goldstein and Daley came onboard, however, this was scrapped. But it seems Miller wasn’t happy with that decision.

To clarify, FCC states that Miller won’t be adapting Flashpoint but his ideas can be likened to it. Presumably, this means he wants to dive into the full Flash mythos, including his time travel abilities, the multiverse and his connection to the Speed Force. That’s not surprising, either, considering the actor’s previously talked excitedly on how he wants to bring a “speedster multiverse” to the big screen.

While many fans might really want to see Miller’s vision realized, FCC also reports that his future in the role is on the line after the creative clashes over the movie and Warner Bros. is willing to let him go and recast The Flash if they don’t like his script. Miller’s contract expires in May, after all, so it wouldn’t be difficult for them to give him the boot.