Ezra Miller’s Contract As The Flash Will Expire In May


With only two small appearances in the DC Extended Universe so far, fans were hoping to see more of what Ezra Miller would be bring to the table as Barry Allen. While a solo movie starring the Scarlet Speedster has been on the table for years now, the film has yet to enter production with a finished script. Yesterday, however, it was reported that Miller is taking things into his own hands and working on a script alongside Grant Morrison, who’s notoriously famous for writing comic books for DC over the past 25 years.

Now, thanks to an updated report from The Hollywood Reporter, we’re learning that there’s one big reason why Warner Bros. is allowing Miller and Morrison the chance to rework The Flash’s script and why they’re in such a hurry to do so. Apparently, they’re in a race to beat the clock, as the actor’s contract is set to expire in May. At that point, if Warner Bros. isn’t confident with the current status of the project, they could choose to ditch it entirely and possibly even recast the iconic DC superhero.

Similar to where Ben Affleck had the chance to write the script for The Batman, it seems like the studio’s putting the status of The Flash in Miller’s own hands. If a finished product was to be submitted in by May, the film could potentially enter production this fall. However, with Miller’s other contractual obligations to the Fantastic Beasts franchise (where he’ll most likely be playing a much bigger role in the upcoming installments), this seems like a very ambitious task for the actor to pull off.

Despite the fact that the Flash has become quite popular among fans in recent years thanks to the success of The CW show, it seems like Warner Bros. has enough confidence with its other DC projects and is willing to drop the weaker links of their connected cinematic universe. While Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman have both starred in their own respective solo outings and have sequels on the way, fans will just have to wait and see if the studio grants Ezra Miller his time to shine as the Fastest Man Alive.