Ezra Miller Says There’ll Be A Speedster Multiverse In The Flash Movie


If Warner Bros.’ original plan for the DC universe went ahead, we would have seen Ezra Miller’s first solo outing as the Scarlet Speedster last year. As it is, though, the Worlds of DC franchise (formally the DCEU) has changed course a few times in the last little while but Miller wants us to know that The Flash movie is coming, and that it’ll be worth the wait.

A newly-surfaced interview from the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald press tour features Miller opening up about the reason for the delay to the film, which is set to be directed by Game Night‘s Jonathan Goldstein and Jon Francis Daley, and also what we can expect to see when it finally arrives.

First of all, Miller explained that The Flash is taking its sweet time to get into theaters as the production team are so keen to nail the script.

“It’s getting really good. It’s getting really good now. Anyone that knows anything about Barry Allen knows that he’s always late but then when he arrives, he gets stuff done. And that’s definitely how this film’s production schedule is proceeding [laughs]. We are a little late, but the reason why we are late, and this is the honest to God’s truth the reason we are late, is because we are all, and I include myself in this, we are very meticulously focused on making a movie that is just not one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make, this movie is also going to be a gift to the fans. This movie is going to be a real pure offering to the fans of this material. And we’ve hit a couple points in the script’s development where we’ve looked at it and gone [shakes head, no] this isn’t it. This isn’t it, yet.”

More interestingly, Miller then discussed how The Flash will expand the DC universe beyond what we’ve seen in previous movies. In particular, it sounds like the film will explore the concept of the multiverse. So, it seems that not all of the proposed Flashpoint adaptation has been discarded.

“It has to be… We are talking about sparking a whole new universe, which is not just the DC multiverse, it’s also, it’s the Speedster multiverse. And the Speedsters are the ones who connect all of the disparate pieces. Because Marvel is a universe, just one world and all the same characters in it. DC is a multiverse. All these different stories with different realities, characters, and versions of characters, and the Speedsters are the ones who move through it all. They are like the connecting bridge between all these difference collaged parts.”

Finally, the Barry Allen actor made it clear that he wants The Flash to be a “super gift to DC fans.”

“So I am really delighted at how focused everyone is on getting it just right, and I am really devoted to that as well. We won’t make the film unless it is going to be this consummate beautiful offering to the fans and to everybody. We are going to make a fantastic movie, but we are really focusing on making it this like super gift to DC fans.”

As late as fall 2018The Flash was supposed to start filming this very month, but that’s clearly not the case. WB might want to make use of Miller’s free time soon though before he gets stuck into shooting Fantastic Beasts 3, which is scheduled to go before cameras at the tail-end of 2019.