Boycott Sony Now Trending On Twitter After Spider-Man’s Split With Marvel


Regardless of your opinion on the matter, we can all agree that it’s definitely not a good time to be Sony. By now, just about everyone’s heard that Spider-Man will no longer be a part of the MCU following a rift between the aforementioned company and Marvel Studios. The latter is no longer allowed to produce movies with Peter Parker in them and now everyone’s pointing the finger at the multinational conglomerate.

Fans are understandably outraged, which has been made clear by the corporation’s plummeting stock and the most recent trends on Twitter. If you haven’t seen it already, #BoycottSony has been all over the social media platform as users continue to voice their displeasure with the decision.

Of course, the company has tried to salvage some of its reputation by issuing a hopeful statement, but it’s done little to quell the mounting fury from one of the largest fanbases in the world. If the stock continues to dip and people really do start boycotting Sony products, executives will have to seriously contemplate rejoining Marvel Studios.

The latest entry into the popular franchise, entitled Spider-Man: Far From Home, made over a billion dollars at the box office, which makes this fallout even more surprising. Apparently, Sony feels that they can continue producing smash hits even without the help of Kevin Feige and everyone else at Marvel. We’ll see if they’re right soon enough, as there are currently two more installments in development.

Thankfully, Tom Holland will still anchor the titular role for the foreseeable future. Every other MCU character, though, won’t be able to cameo like they used to. Sony is likely to throw Venom in one of the upcoming movies as well, but all else is a mystery. What this means for the future of both the Spider-Man franchise and the next couple of MCU phases remains to be seen, but hopefully, a new deal will be reached soon and all of this will just be looked at as an averted disaster.