Two More Tom Holland Spider-Man Films Are In Development At Sony


In many fans’ eyes, the still-breaking news regarding the split between Marvel Studios and Sony has thrown the until-now confident return of Spider-Man into dispute. But don’t worry, everybody, your friendly, neighborhood hero will still return one day.

Or should we say, two days?

According to sources close to Deadline, “there are two more Spider-Man films in the works.” While the report doesn’t offer any specific details on what the movies may be about – other than the likelihood that Peter Parker’s out of the MCU – director Jon Watts and Tom Holland are set to return in their respective roles.

Marvel fans may sleep better with that knowledge, but could find one more piece of information incredibly discomforting. As the two companies have parted ways, it appears that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will not be the lead creative producer on either of the upcoming films unless “something dramatic happens” to make amends.

The financial reasoning behind this decision is almost ironic. Currently, Far From Home has latched onto the top of the franchise, sitting at $1.11 billion and becoming the first Spidey adventure to cross the $1 billion benchmark – though it’s the third MCU film to do so this year. You’d think that this would leave Sony and Marvel restless for their next collaboration, but their inability to negotiate a co-financing deal is what ultimately led to Sony’s departure.

So, with all of this news out on the table, we’d like to get some of your thoughts. What do you think this break up between the House of Mouse and Sony means for Spider-Man? How could Peter Parker make his way out of Marvel’s web now that he’s been wrapped around it so tight? Be sure to give us any hypothesis you may have in the comments section below.