Here’s How The Boys’ Anthony Starr Would Look As Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker

If any character were to be used as a fine example of how Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil movies unevenly adapted the video games on which they were based, it’s most definitely my favorite from the entire franchise: Albert Wesker.

When the villain was first adapted to screen, it was Jason O’Mara who was granted the privilege of playing him in Extinction – even if it was somewhat of a minor role. Then, in Afterlife, the much younger Shawn Roberts took over and proved to be a spot-on live action translation. Pretty much everything about his portrayal delighted me, and I thought the film series was getting back on track.

Not long after that, however, Retribution dropped and the character was rather mishandled, though Roberts wasn’t at fault. What made things worse was when Anderson took an even bigger steaming dump on Wesker in The Final Chapter, when he was essentially reduced to being Dr. Isaacs’ lackey. And to top that off, the same guy who took two rockets to put down in the games – inside of a volcano, no less – was killed off by bleeding out after his leg was crushed by a door. Terrible.

All we can do is hope that Wesker is given some redemption in a future movie reboot or Netflix series, as we can’t be too sure of which he’ll feature in – if at all. But if he does, acclaimed digital artist Boss Logic has a fine idea of what he could look like. Thanks to a beautiful piece found below, we, too, are able to gaze into the crystal ball.

As you can see, Anthony Starr of The Boys fame has been fan cast in the role. Furthermore, he dons Wesker’s arguably most iconic costume worn in Resident Evil 5. Hey, even though Shawn Roberts wore it in the aforementioned Afterlife, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t rock it, too.

Tell us, though, do you think Anthony Starr would make for a good Albert Wesker in either a Resident Evil movie or Netflix series? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know in the usual place below!