Brace yourselves, Godzilla posted a mysterious countdown

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Godzilla vs. Kong was one of 2021’s most hyped and anticipated films, showing that the king of the monsters is still a mighty pop-culture figure. However, since Godzilla vs. Kong came out, kaiju fans have wondered what is next for the beast. And a cryptic tweet suggests Godzilla will be up to something very soon.

This morning @TOHO_GODZILLA, the official Toho Godzilla account, posted a cryptic tweet that has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, racking up hundreds of likes and retweets within a few hours. The tweet features a single clock emoji. Attached to the tweet is a picture of a 24-hour clock mounted on a brick wall. The clock’s hands read 9am. Interestingly, there seem to be markings on the wall next to the clock, but at the current time, it isn’t known if these markings are intentional hints or merely a random coincidence. 

This tweet sent fans into overdrive, with loads of kaiju fans trying to work out what the tweet means. Many fans wonder if this will lead to the announcement of a new Godzilla project, be it a film, anime, or comic book. While others are trying to work out if this tweet means we’ll hear more at 9am tomorrow or if we’ll need to wait for nine days to learn the meaning of this strange tweet. 

Due to the photo being real-world, many fans hope this teaser will lead to the announcement of a new live-action Godzilla film as the last Japnese produced live-action Godzilla film was 2016’s Shin Godzilla. 

However, other fans are keen to point out that this mysterious tweet might be a joke. The @TOHO_GODZILLA account often posts strange or surreal things, playing off popular fan memes. So it wouldn’t be outside of the realms of possibility for this to be a cruel joke. 

We won’t know what this tweet is about until Toho decides to reveal the meaning behind it. However, one thing is for sure, Godzilla isn’t relinquishing his kaiju crown anytime soon, and the character will continue to dominate cinema and pop culture for decades to come.