Brad Pitt trends as fans roast Kid Rock’s new song

Brad Pitt

Checking out the trending topics of the day on Twitter is always an exciting adventure. In fact, you can check what’s trending one hour and find completely new topics the next. It’s a social media platform where many share their opinions — both popular and unpopular ones.

One of the trending topics on Twitter today? Brad Pitt. Now, we’re never going to be against Pitt trending, so we decided to check it out. Within seconds, we learned that Pitt’s trending has a lot to do with a Kid Rock song where the singer compares himself to Pitt.

Kid Rock’s new song is titled “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” and he draws several comparisons through the song between himself and various successful leading men, including Pitt.

Fan reactions were all over the place, to put it kindly.

This fan shared lyrics from the tune that are the talk of the internet this evening.

Some fans simply can’t stop laughing.

Someone used a really distractingly handsome gif of Pitt and we’re not upset about it at all.

Some fans used to the opportunity to make some pretty great nods to long-running jokes and memes, like this one where you never quite get what you ordered when you order from Wish.

Are you a Kid Rock fan? Do you, too, fawn over Brad Pitt? Let’s talk about it.